• Two shelf display: Involved the redesign of a point of purchase display. The prior design used acrylic, cut, bend and bonded into the final form. It was shipped fully assembled. The redesign used laser cut steel, and slotted together, using no fasteners. Three important changes for improved environmental impact were achieved. The material was changed from a non recyclable material, the total volume was drastically reduced for shipping, and the product could be assembled and disassembled completely without tools. Shipping and toolings costs were this reduced.
  • Ice Wax 2.0: Involved the reformulation a bicycle chain lubricant. An improvement in performance was sought, and a change in environmental performance. Conceptual work was done in finding a new lubricant base, and bee’s wax was found to work well. The new product is water based, biodegradable, and will not freeze.
  • REACH/labels compliance: Undertook the implementation of complete REACH compliance, documenting the formulations and information on almost 20 products. Worked with vendors to implement changes. Also led and implemented effort to bring almost 50 labels into compliance in almost 40 countries. Also coordinated the implementation of Green Dot registration
  • World Bike Relief tools: Designed mechanic’s and user’s tools for World Bicycle Relief bicycles, for use in developing countries. Used flexible tool-less laser cutting and recyclable steel. Also improved durability  while using a less hazardous finish, reducing waste and impactTradeshow booth: Designed and specified tradeshow booth using recyclable and reusable materials. Bamboo wall panels, aluminum frame, and carpet tiles could all be reconfigured or reused, and are easy to repair, extending the life of the both. Booth has ben used for 3 years, with new configurations every year.
  • R&D lab – Created a research and development lab from scratch. Selected appropriate tools and materials. Included milling machine and welder. Used R&D lab to fabricate and refine prototypes. Built several testing machines for several products
  • Trixie – created a multi-tool for single speed and fixed gear bicycles. Used one piece construction to ease recycling and manufacturing. Packaging was designed with recycling in mind, tool was affixed using fasteners to be used with tool.