Life Cycle Assessment is a sustainability tool used to determine the environmental impact of a product, process, or service. It is used to benchmark, compare or improve almost anything your business does.

If combined with an iterative design process can be used to reduce impact;  one can quantify impacts, but also rank them using indicators

We can work with you to find the right level of assessment, but we generally work with a two levels of depth:

  • Screening LCA – Quick assessment to find the most likely negative impacts from the product or service being studied, and apply general impact factors to give a basic understanding of the environmental footprint. May only include certain parts of the life-cycle, such as manufacturing, transport, use, or disposal.
  • In-depth LCA – Far more detailed assessment to find all known impacts from a given product or process over the full life-cycle.


  • Business strategy
  • R&D
  • Design process
  • Education
  • Labeling and declarations

LCA process

  1. Goal and scope definition
  2. Life cycle inventory
  3. Life cycle impact assessment
  4. Interpretation