Why are we the place to turn for sustainability and product development direction?

ABLE thinking is a better way of thinking about sustainability, by integrating into the product and service development process from the beginning.

Sustainability should begin from the moment a new product is conceived.

It is not a “feature”, to be tacked on after the design process is over.

ABLE thinking

-will question everything you do.

-is experienced in sustainable technology, industrial design, and mechanical engineering.

-is experienced in conceptualizing, designing and manufacturing products in the outdoor sports industry.

-is based in Stockholm, Sweden and have first hand experience with how a more sustainable, lower carbon society can function.

We believe that there is no such thing as “environmentally friendly”; there are only environmentally friendlier alternatives. Everything we do has an impact in some way. Claiming that something is friendly states the impact as an absolute. There are however compromises with everything.