24 years after drive that shattered fuel-efficiency record, WWU alum back on the road – Top Stories –

This article is a few months old, but the idea isn’t. I’ve actually seen this car in person when I was at Virginia Tech, Bill Green was one of my industrial design professors. He brought it by campus one day, along with his Model-T. They basically built the car from old parts and put it inside a aero-slippery fiberglass shell. The back end, including engine is from an old diesel VW Rabbit, with the steering linkages lock in place. The cool part is that the front end is too, just minus the engine. It’s also got a pretty sweet wood-effect shelf paper dashboard. It’s pretty amazing that they built a car that got more than 100 mpg in 1986. Part of the trick was never taking it out of 5th gear, even if it meant going 15 mph up the hills on the I-5.


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